Stain & Odour Removal 

At Scimitar we pride ourselves in being able to remove almost any stain imaginable – we have restored carpets that were initially thought beyond repair. 
For a complete guide on the best practice for stain removal, please see this after care guide from the manufacturer Ulster Carpets. Lots of handy hints and 3 step guides to removing a wide variety of stains. 
We are here to help and can undertake any kind of stain removal. If you would rather it was handled by the experts, contact us now or call us on 0800 0372822. 
You can also see video guides below for moving some of the most common hard to shift stains. Enjoy! 
The number one and hardest stain to remove – red wine! 
How to remove coffee stains! 
How to remove Coke stains from carpet 
Food stain removal 
How to remove Ice cream stains 
Removing juice stains from carpets 
We’ve seen every imaginable carpet stain over the years. When someone types the fateful words “carpet cleaning near me” into a search engine, they’re often in a state of panic. Coffee, blood, vomit, wine, ink, faeces and urine are just a few of the nasty substances we’ve successfully removed from carpets. 
Too many people — gripped by panic — attempt to remove stains with makeshift solutions of their own. But we find that this course of action tends to make the stains even more difficult to remove. Enlisting professional carpet cleaning services is the only way to remove a nasty stain and save a carpet from a premature end. 
Our carpet cleaning heroes come equipped with a comprehensive selection of powerful detergents and machinery. They are able to remove around 95% of stains, but when there’s no hope, they are honest and upfront about the situation. 
Our expert technicians need to inspect a stain before they can deliver a prognosis. They carry everything needed to remove stubborn carpet stains, but they won’t give you false hope. If your carpet is beyond repair, they will tell you. 
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