Depending on the type and level of staining you have on your carpet, professional carpet cleaners will offer two different services: Wet, also known as steam cleaning, or dry cleaning. Here at Scimitar we understand the importance of treating every carpet on it’s own characteristics. Whereas one type of cleaning method will be suitable for one carpet it may not be entirely right for another. In general, wet cleaning is the more common method for most man-made fibre carpets and dry cleaning is best suited for more delicate carpets; those made of natural fibres such as sisal and seagrass. 
We are happy to discuss and advise on the best method of cleaning for your carpet, but to give you more of an idea of what is involved, let’s take a look at both types of cleaning: 
Wet Cleaning 
As you would expect, wet cleaning uses hot water to extract dirt and stains from the carpet. Powerful truckmount carpet cleaning equipment combines high water pressure with hot water and detergent to force dirt from the fibres of the carpet and then uses heat to vacuum and remove as much water as possible. Although, carpets do require some time to dry afterwards, we use the highest standard of equipment available, which ensures drying time is kept to an absolute minimum. Because this method uses such vast quantities of water, it should only be carried out by qualified professionals to ensure correct and thorough extraction and to avoid drying issues, such as shrinkage or future mould problems. 
Dry Cleaning 
This method uses no water and is therefore quicker and without the moisture problems associated with wet cleaning. The advantage of this method is that carpets can be used almost immediately after cleaning, which makes it ideal for frequently used areas. Dry chemical compounds are placed on the carpet where they get to work breaking down stains and dirt. Many will also repel any future dirt, which should improve the longevity of your carpet. The equipment used for this is more lightweight than wet cleaning methods and is more beneficial where water supply or property access is restrictive. 
At Scimitar we pride ourselves on being able to remove any stain imaginable, so if your carpets are looking far from their best, contact us today for a free and no obligation quote. 
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